Message from Craig and Kasia Neilson

As we dive deeper into unknown territory it’s fair to say that nobody really knows the best course of action. Our venue pros, amazing customers and considerate suppliers have already shown us at Fore Play Crazy Golf that during the tough times they are there for us but we must make sure that we are there for them too.

We have taken the strong decision to maintain the working hours for our team as we head into the period of unknowns. These amazing people helped us to build the business to what it is today and we have a responsibility to support them when the macro environment is looking on us less favourably. This is a no-brainer as far as we are concerned and if you pop down then you will see their warm & smiling faces greeting you as you walk in.

We will continue to serve up our selection of fun to anyone that wants to come visit us. Our doors will remain open and we hope that people who are looking for some excitement and a cheeky cocktail are willing to come join us.

Fore Play Crazy Golf is going to be trying to keep some level of normality until we know more. However, there are some important measures that we have rolled out to help everyone who comes into Fore Play Crazy Golf to remain as safe as possible:

  • Mandatory hand-sanitising for everyone entering our venues – staff, customers, delivery men and even the Postie.
  • Each and every food order will be handled with a new pair of gloves.
  • Hand washing for staff every 15 mins
  • Only single use cups are permitted in the venue
  • All cutlery buckets, jugs and menus have been removed from our tables
  • Some tables have been removed to give everyone more room to maintain good personal space and to improve ventilation
  • Encouraging customers to pay by contactless rather than cash where possible
  • We limit the number of people in our venue to maximum 50 per hour
  • We have introduced “cleaning stations” in each key area within our venues; start of the golf course, bar and check-in desk.
  • Displayed guidelines on hand hygiene throughout each venue, including toilets.
  • Finally, we have increased the cleaning intervals and rigour of our toilets, bar, tables, chairs, handles, balls and putters.

I am hoping that we can all work in keeping one another safe. It’s not going to be easy but to lend a quote from the governing party who has left us in this huge grey area…we are all in it together…

Play safe Scotland

Craig & Kasia

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