Hole One
Greyfriar's Bobby
Rub the dug’s nose and pray he brings you luck as you tee off on our tricky course at the heart of the Capital.
Hole Two
The High Life
Another hole, another hill. The only way is up!
Hole Three
The Dog's Leg
Make it through the tunnel and mark your territory as the champion at hole 2.
Hole Four
Ramp It Up
Here we, here we, here we...hit it straight up the ramp for a hole in one.
Hole Five
Loop the Loop
Fortune favours the brave. Putt hard or put the club down and accept defeat.
Hole Six
Not That Hole
Enjoying your jaunt around the course? Be sure to avoid the putt-falls on hole 5 to keep it that way.
Hole Seven
Josh's Small Hole
A wee putt stop after all that excitement. A few strategic swings and you’ll complete hole 7.
Hole Eight
Yir oan the home stretch. Drive straight on and to the final hole.
Hole Nine
Scott Monument
Maintain your fine form and finish with a win as renowned as one of Edinburgh’s best known landmarks.